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Shopbox Home Delivery Dropbox

The shopbox is a secure temperature controlled container for groceries ordered online. Goods can be delivered 24 hours a day and the simple security system requires no electronic access codes. It can hold a typical weeks’ groceries in three variable sized compartments for frozen chilled and ambient goods. Shopbox uses the same technology as a domestic fridge freezer to keep perishable food fresh. The unit is secured with a cable and to prevent children from becoming trapped the locking system can be overridden from within. The Shopbox enclosures are constructed from rotationally moulded polyethylene and steam pressure moulded expanded polypropylene.

Shopbox was displayed at the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show, and the reception from the public, press, and small businesses was one of enormous enthusiasm, with the most common expression being "what a fantastic idea". It is in fact the only product of its kind in the world and was awarded the "Winner of the Innovative Product Award" at last year's Ideal Home Show.' Stuart Archbold OBE Chairman Archbold Logistics Ltd.